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TenShin Aikido Federation Newsletter
TenShin Aikido Federation Newsletter

Instituted by Luis Santos Sensei RenShi 5 Dan President and Founder of the TenShin Aikido Federation. Chief Instructor of Aikido TenShin Dojo Orlando.

The purpose of the TenShin Aikido Federation is to promote the training in the Art of TenShin Aikido, and to foster quality, professional and consistent Aikido instruction. To adhere to the teaching methodology of Master Steven Seagal Shihan for future generations. Consistent quality and professional instruction will ensure long term growth of TenShin Aikido. The TAF offers an organized method of instruction, through instructor seminar's and the certification of instructor levels.

The benefit of joining the TAF is that Aikidoka will learn TenShin Aikido step by step each kyu level origins. Ukemi to techniques, everyone will be consistent. Many will say just produce a video and sell them, but you will not learn properly. Everyone then will be doing something different and calling it Tenshin Aikido. This is what the TenShin Aikido Federation wants to avoid. When joining the TAF, we request that you hold your rank and start from the beginning in TenShin Aikido and learn each kyu level so that you can teach it correctly to others. Our goals is to develop a federation with TenShin Aikido instructors certified by the TAF so we can spread TenShin Aikido to the world and keeping it as pure and original to it's form in which it was created.

Chief instructor Luis Santos Sensei
Godan (5 Dan)

Sensei Luis Santos & Sensei Ernesto

Sensei Luis Santos & Sensei Ernesto

Chief instructor Luis Santos Sensei currently holds the rank of
Godan (5 Dan) and the Official Title of RenShi, from the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai  Honbu Kyoto Japan

Chief instructor Luis Santos Sensei



Santos Sensei has been a student of Aikido since 1982 and has trained with many top Aikido instructors in the US and Japan. Tenshin Orlando is the first to introduce Master Steven Seagal's "TenShin Aikido" to Orlando Florida.


In 1995 Santos sensei opened his first dojo; Sunstate Aikido dojo in Orlando Florida. Luis Santos then became a student of Haruo Matsuoka Sensei who at the time was Seagal Shihan's top disciple and Chief Instructor of Tenshin Bugei Gauken in LA.


In 2001 Santos Sensei attended a training and meeting with Seagal Shihan and was accepted as a direct student. Attaining this direct link to Seagal Shihan was a dream come true for Santos sensei.

Sensei Luis Santos & Steven Seagal Shihan


Seagal sensei renamed Santos sensei Dojo to Aikido TenShin Dojo this name was given to Santos sensei for becoming a direct student of Seagal Sensei and for continuing to spread the spirit and belief of Tenshin Bugei Gauken.

Santos Sensei maintain a student teacher relationship with Seagal Shihan.


Sensei Luis Santos & Sensei Cesar

Sensei Luis Santos & Sensei Mark


In 2004 the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Honbu Kyoto Japan recognize the TenShin Aikido Federation  as a accredited organization and official representative of the DNBK  Honbu Kyoto Japan.


The TenShin Aikido Federation operates totally under the auspices of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Kyoto Japan. Affiliated directly with Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo Japan.


Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Honbu Kyoto Japan
Aikido World Headquarters Aikikai Tokyo Japan 

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These documents, articles and  photos were sent by
Sensei Luis Santos (President of TenShin Aikido Federation)
I would like to thank him very much

suzi 2004