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Sensei Jorge J. Angulo (4th.Dan)

Chief Instructor of TenShin Dojo




Steven Seagal Shihan & Sensei J Jorge Angulo
November 17, 2006 

On Friday November 17th, 2006 a meeting was held at Seagal Sensei's home to discuss the direction and future of Tenshin Aikido. Present at this meeting were Jorge J Angulo, Chief Instructor Tenshin Dojo, Miami, Fl, Dimas Infante asst. chief instructor Tenshin Dojo, Miami, Fl and Eliot Freeman, Chief Instructor Three Rivers Aikido, St Louis, MO. 
Currently, the only  dojos authorized by Seagal Sensei to teach Aikido under his direction are Tenshin Dojo Miami, Fl, Three Rivers Aikido, St Louis Mo. and Taos Kihon Dojo, Taos NM.

Angulo Sensei began his martial arts training at the age of six in Hialeah, Fla. at the famed Hialeah School of Judo under master instructor Raul Guash. Persuaded by an older relative to leave judo and train in Karate, Angulo Sensei began his formal training in Karate at the Twin Dragons Karate School under Sensei Juan Sagaro. After Twin Dragon closed he was introduced to Donald Graham Sensei who at the time was teaching American Freestyle Karate (Joe Lewis System of Tracy's Kenpo Karate), and Aikido. Angulo Sensei attained his sho-dan (first degree black belt) at the age of eighteen in American Freestyle Karate. At the same time that he studied Karate with Graham Sensei he studied Aikido (at the time a little known martial art) receiving his Sho-dan at the age of nineteen in Aikido from Graham Sensei's teacher Masatoshi Yamashita of Hiroshima, Japan.

By the age of 21 Angulo Sensei received his Ni Dan (second degree black belt) in Karate from Graham Sensei and Ni Dan in Aikido from Yamashita Sensei. In 1985 Angulo Sensei was promoted to San Dan (third degree black belt) in Tracy's Kenpo Karate by the founder of the art Al Tracy. In 1988 Angulo Sensei was promoted to San Dan in Aikido by Yamashita Sensei and opened his first Aikido Dojo, Aikido School of Florida that same year.

Sensei J. Jorge Angulo


In the summer of 1991 Angulo Sensei met Steven Seagal Shihan and was impressed with Seagal Sensei's powerful style of Aikido and asked Seagal Shihan to accept him as a student. Angulo Sensei was accepted as a student and his school was one of only three schools under the direction of Seagal Shihan at the time. Today, Angulo Sensei continues to maintain a student teacher relationship with Seagal Shihan and holds teaching credentials and black belt rank directly from Seagal Shihan. Only a handful of individuals have attained black belt ranking under Seagal Shihan. Angulo Sensei also studies Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Professor Mike Cardoso.(**)

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Very Special thanks  Sensei Jorge Angulo

(**) This information is taken from -Miami official site

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